[Werbung wegen Markennennung/-verlinkung] Friday i dyed my hair with Directions haircolours in "Tangerine". I liked the brown hair but i think it's so boring. So i don't have long time same hair colour. :-) Due to the new orange hair i wear grunge style today. All clothes are from H&M Divided but from last season. I love band shirts and to mix it with grunge or boho style. As far as I can remember the shoes are from eBay but they are older. I found similar here. I play with the thought making a pixie haircut again. But my hair stylist don't want to cut my hair. She loves when I have long dark hair. Today we shoot new pictures with lovely boho dress and fake fur west. Stay tuned! Ich hoffe, ich konnte euch wieder mit dem ein oder anderen Teil inspirieren. Auf Instagram findet ihr mich unter @iamfraeuleinh. Freue mich über jeden Follower*in und Like.

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